CBD Drip Gold


14.5mg/7ml bottle

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CBD Drip main ingredient is derived from the industrial hemp plant. This is the Official Vape Additive. Drip directly or add CBD Drip to your favorite E-Liquid.


Gold is regular strength.
Enjoy the benefits of CBD oil with any vape device, by itself, or added to your favorite E Liquid. CBD drip can be consumed sublingual due to the Kosher VG ingredient. It’s derived from imported industrial hemp with 14.5mg+ of CBD concentrate and less than .3% THC per 7ml unit. No artificial colors or flavors added.

*This product does not contain nicotine*
*This product will not get you high and is legal in all 50 states and some countries*
For use with e-liquids or herbal oils, in any ecig, dripper, or vaping device.

  • Bottle Size 7ml with dropper
  • 3rd party lab tested at multiple stages
  • No added psychoactive’s
  • Produced in a cGMP facility
  • 14.5mg + of CBD Concentrate (Regular Strength)

Shake well before using.



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